Add the online price of the item(s) + domestic fee + domestic taxes + our fee + shipping + customs To better understand each stage of this calculation see the explanations below.

Online price: This is the fixed price marked on the product you are buying online from your chosen online store.

Domestic shipping: Each website will charge a different fee to deliver your purchased item to our US Warehouse Portland, Oregon, some companies even include this service free of charge. It is important to check though, as sometimes it’s a flat fee like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger ($8), sometimes it depends on the volume of goods you have ordered like Macy’s and sometimes website companies such as Old Navy offer a free shipping service when you spend over $50.

Domestic taxes: Luckily there is no sales tax where our warehouse is located!

Fee: There is a minimum fee of $5 for our service or 5% of the online price for purchases over $100.

Shipping: Our shipping charges from USA to Egypt depend on the weight or dimensions of your purchases (whichever is more considerable). If a clear product description can be obtained from the website about the product before it is shipped, we can give you an estimated cost in advance of it arriving in Egypt.
We charge: $5.0 per LB/½ KG or
Height x Width x Length (inches) / 166 = Volumetric Weight in LB
Height x Width x Length (cm) / 5000 = Volumetric Weight in KG

Customs: The Egyptian government imposes different customs dutieson certain products and Value Added Tax on all products. It is calculated using the online price, the domestic shipping and domestic taxes imposed on the goods. We include this charge in the cost of your purchase and handle this side of the purchasing for you. Customs chart can be found here.


See the example below to fully understand how to calculate your final price:

Say you found that lovely dress at Old Navy for $26, OLD NAVY charges $8 shipping charges for orders less Than $50

Egyptian Customs Authority imposes customs charges of 40% on clothes and 14% VAT

Online price: $26 +

Shipping in USA: $8 = $34

(34 X customs) X1.40 = 34 X 1.4 (customs) X 1.14 (VAT) =$54.264

Then add the shipping to egypt which is $7.5 for each half KG and the service fee at 5% of the online  price with a minimum of $5.00