Here are some common questions about USA2EG.
Can I only shop from your recommended list of stores on your site sites ?
As long as your purchase meets legal requirements you can choose from any online store. If you need assistance finding an item, send us a detailed description and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help search for it.
If I need to contact you, how long should i wait for a reply?
Our company prides itself on excellent communication with our clients. You can contact us via email or on our Facebook Wall or messaging and we guarantee a response within a maximum of 48 hours
How long should I expect to wait for my order to arrive at my home?
We guarantee 6-10 for delivery from the date all your items reach our warehouse in the USA regardless of how many online stores you have purchased from.
What guarantees that you will bring my item after I pay the online price?
  1. Were a legal Egyptian company with legal registration number and a tax ID number
  2. We issue company receipts for payments
  3. Our business is based on our reputation, we wouldn’t risk that
  4. Please feel free to visit us at our office anytime during our working hours
Do you deliver the item(s) to my house?
Yes, we provide this service for an extra minimal fee.
Can you purchase my items from eBay, Ubid, or any other online auction site?
Yes, we certainly do!
How to buy from eBay?

EBay is an auction site, the price that you see is not the final price for the item, and it goes up until the auction ends.
You have to set a mximum bid for your desired item. That does not mean that the item will reach that amount, it can be less and in that case you get a refund of the difference
Also, it can go above your maximum bid and in that case you get a full refund of what you deposited since you did not win the auction.
We do not place a bid or buy it now unless we have the online price deposited in our bank account.
Please allow enough time for us to place the bid; the auction has to have a lifetime of at least 24 hours after you deposit the auction amount for the bid.

How can I figure out the customs and VAT in Egypt?
You can look at the customs chart here
Do you give any warranty?
Yes, only with electronics, according to the seller’s policy. Customer pays return shipping to USA
Still need help? Send us a note!
For any other questions, please write us at info@usa2eg.com or call us on 0120 22 99 88 2,
0120 22 99 88 3 or 0120 22 99 88 4
022032051 041