USA2EG.com is a personal shopper, offering our customers to shop from any USA Store/website, and have their ordered items shipped right to their doorstep.

USA2EG.com circumvents the obstacle of requiring International issued credit cards or PayPal as payment methods and also forward the packages from the websites who don’t ship outside the USA to Egypt.

USA2EG is the first product of American Egyptian Logistics and Shipping Services (AMEGLOS) which was presented late 2011

  • Purchase from any website including the ones that don’t offer direct shipping to Egypt or accept Credit cards issued in Egypt.
  • You will know exactly how much you will pay with no hidden or extra fees.
  • Safe payment options with no need of exposing your credit card to internet fraud.
  • Use our company’s Paypal account to buy from ebay for example
  • Cheapest shipping rates among all the multinational competitors, though still the fastest.